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 Yoga Instructor 

I am an international yoga instructor, and have been designated E-RYT® 500 and YACEP® (Continuing Education Provider) by Yoga Alliance.

My teaching philosophy centers around making the student feel comfortable enough to tackle the more advanced techniques that I have spent many hours mastering. From a technical standpoint, Lia's strongest moves are soft intensive vinyasa which is vigorous yet calming. Having grown up in South Korea I maintain a great awareness of the cross-cultural appeal of yoga and the importance of approaching its practice with an open mind.  I have studied yoga in India and New York. Coming from a background of Ashtanga and Westernized yoga practice, I incorporate disciplines of Western and Eastern culture combined with their respective, philosophies together in a harmonic approach to well-being.

I employ energetic hands-on adjustment and the ancient Taoist art of Ki healing in my teaching. I have a positive mind that always delivers happiness energy to practitioners as well!!

E-RYT® 500



Yoga Journey Begin...


I was born and raised in South Korea,
moving to New York City in 2011 where I discovered my love for yoga. I studied for three years practicing the methods of hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, rocket, and kundalini yoga before I became a vinyasa yoga instructor in 2014.
For me, that was just the beginning.
I decided to take her practice to the next level, by traveling to India in 2015 and 2016 to explore the root and art of yoga and mastered Ashtanga 500hr teacher training. 
My desire for the education of yoga didn’t stop there, I went on to achieve 300hr TTC in therapeutic yoga, restorative yoga, and Ayurvedic yoga at pure yoga in NYC.
As a yoga therapist, I worked with a neurosurgeon, a chiropractor and a physical therapist in a medical office for three years healing patients while also teaching privately for selected clients.

Looking Back...

Looking back, I recognize the need for help during such an extensive learning and healing process, but unfortunately, I had to overcome all this on my own. As a result, the learning and healing process I went through was painful and lonely.


After a long period of daily yoga practice, meditation and healthy diet allowed me to regain a healthy life and open myself to the spiritual path. I have found the whole inside of me, where is the most peaceful place, inspires myself to be the best version of human being. The best version of oneself did not come with just good in life, it takes difficult times to realize who we really are. 

Power of Healing...

Now, I want to share the Power of Healing and Self-healing as well as my knowledge of Yoga, Diet, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Breathing, and Meditation. ​My goal is to share my energy and experiences with others in order to help people who still suffer from physical and emotional pain. 


I believe that everyone is capable of self-healing that can be propounded through energy training, yoga, and meditation, and we also have the power to share this energy and heal others around us.  



April Martucci, Actress

'She is one of those unique spirits who is both clairvoyant and grounded in the material world. She exudes a connectedness to all of life and her teaching reflects this - She is able to guide people with compassion and kindness while steering them in the direction she intuitively knows is the best Path for her students. People rely on her gentle strength to bring a sense of realness and harmony to any situation she is in!'


Yumi Shimabukuo, PhD

Sini gracefully guides her students with honesty, passion and compassion. Her intuitive and informative hands-on assists make each pose accessible and meaningful. She delightfully creates more space in our body, mind, and heart through creative sequencing that focuses on breath and alignment. I feel beautiful and healthier after her class and am eternally grateful for her teachings.'


Antonette Bailey, High School Teacher

'She is an amazing yogini with balanced feminine and masculine energy. She is nurturing, flexible and compassionate while being strong, steady, and driven. As a student, she has a disciplined  practice which is visible in her form and the fluidity of her students to trust her and go deeper.


My time in the class was made even more special because of her friendship and support, as well as her genuine and playful spirit. I am fortunate to know her as we walk this Path.'


Alexandre Scheer, Neurosurgeon, MD

'She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive Yoga instructor who is always willing to go beyond and above to help all of our patients.


Her knowledge of Yoga and expertise in Medical Yoga was a huge advantage to our entire office and organization.  She was able to teach all of our physical therapist and other yoga instructors due to her knowledge and ability to teach and be a team player.  She put this skill set to work in order to truly help our organization grow.'

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