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Private Yoga 

Get in Shape

Private Class

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200hr Yoga
Teacher Training

Private Consultations for Individual Health and Wellness

Define my Intention


Personal needs

Mindfulness, Calming and Relaxing, Happiness, Positive behavior, Stress Relief, Injury Rehab, Self-healing

Personal achievement

Flexibility, Balance, Manage Weight, Strength Training, Correct Postures, Inversions, Spiritual Growth

Personal improvement  

Focus, Fitness, Managing Diet, Mental Balance, Breathing work, Meditation, Energy Healing

Follow up Own Destination


Shaping up

Boost your efforts to achieve, maintain a healthy weight with Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Core work


Speed healing from physical, emotional pain or from injury, with Iyengar yoga, Restorative yoga, Pranayama


Stay healthy

Bring vitality and empower healing in body, mind and spirit with Vinyasa, Structural Alignment, Energy Healing

Body correction 


Benefit on Hands on Assist 

Correct postures, Body Alignment, Deepen Postures, Deepen Stretching, Inline Spine, Open Chakra, Energy Channels, Work with Pressure and meridian Points, Energy Healing  

Getting assistant of body alignment to abstain proper Asana postures that is a presentation of the body positions for gaining a perfect stability in the body, steadiness of intelligence and kindness of sprit.

Human body, mind, intelligence and consciousness remain in harmony with the correct posture of Asana

  “Quiet mind, and the soul will speak”   -  Ma Jaya Sati Bhagati

Performed by SINI in 2014

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