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What is Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony is a time of relaxation and self-reflection to provide an inner-silence allowing one to purvey the mind in peace and come to peace with the self. Through this peace, mental clarity can be achieved.

Allow you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

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1. It's heart-opening.

Because of the way the theobromine significantly increases blood flow, Draper explains, people often experience a heart-opening sensation after drinking cacao. "It's easier to feel filled up with love, or open and connected to other people," A heart-opening journey is to find oneness, love, ecstasy, a connection to your highest self, your own power and truth.


2. It's mood-boosting.

Maybe this goes without saying, but yes, cacao is mood-boosting. The compounds anandamide and PEA increase serotonin uptake, Draper notes, which contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and contentment with each sip.

This mood-boosting also balances of masculine and feminine energies in the body and enhances creativity

Medicinal Cacao

'What you can experience during 

Medicinal Cacao Ceremony'

While regular cacao is connection of your mind and body, Medicinal Cacao is more a shamanic or spiritual journey.

This compound can have a profound effect on the brain in areas that control mood, perception, as well as cognition.

It also brings a warmth and light-heartedness, it makes you smile and feel good – similar to what regular cacao does, but much stronger. Medicinal Cacao affect the way our serotonin receptors operate, which in turn alters our mood – upwards becomes a healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, reduce anxiety and depression.

​This opens a space to enter into deeper meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and

spirit within you

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